South America Tours

South America’s diverse enchantments of cuisine, culture, Latin chic and eco-friendly attractions make it the perfect destination for our customized guided tours. With your private guide, stand under the fabled Sun Gate at dawn to wonder at the lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru. Or journey into Argentina’s and Chile’s verdant valleys, to linger in lu vineyards and sip some of the world’s best wine in elegant tasting rooms. In flashy Rio, dance the night away in a private club in this most lively country of samba and soul. Set out from Buenos Aires for Patagonia or board a special expedition cruise to Antarctica. There is plenty of tailor-made fun for families too! Follow Darwin’s path by cruising to the undisturbed ecological wonder of the Galapagos Islands to interact with giant tortoises, sea lions and blue-footed boobies. And when night falls, choose lodging that suits—from family-run estancias to luxury eco-lodges or stylish boutique hotels. Let our experts plan your personalized South American tour for unforgettable memories in this continent of tantalizing delights.Show More

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See What Our
Anthony P., June 17, 2017
"Everyone was awesome !"
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"We absolutely loved the trip and working with the Kensington staff to arrange the details. "
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"We love Kensington Tours."
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