Chiloe Island Hotels

  • Noi Centro de Ocio

    Noi Centro de Ocio

    Chiloe Island
    Located on the Rilán Peninsula, in front of the Castro fjord, approximately 20 minutes from downtown sits the Noi Centro de Ocio Chiloé. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation with all the amenities needed for a truly memorable stay. There is a restaurant serving traditional Chilean dishes and a spa offering Tui Na massages which is an ancient technique of Chinese ... medicine. Different spaces are distributed on a 20 hectares area, rooms and facilities were designed with a “sustainable building system” causing minimal environmental impact on the location, creating a unique place, where total rest and connection with nature, its people and culture become a real experience. Show More
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  • Tierra Chiloe

    Tierra Chiloe

    Chiloe Island
    Formerly known as Refugia, Tierra Chiloé is a warm and welcoming Lodge of Northern Patagonia. Sitting on 10 hectares of land where the coastline meets the countryside, the hotel rests atop a hill overlooking the islands of the southern archipelago. A journey to Tierra Chiloé is as much about the island´s rich and magical culture as it is about its beautiful landscapes .... The immensity of the inland Pacific is on display from every angle at Tierra Chiloé. Built with a sustainable geometric design which reflects the traditional “palafitos” of the island (houses on stilts built over the sea) the hotel is intimate and inviting. The interiors are carefully decorated with hand-made textiles and woodcarvings that echo the island´s culture. The views include a myriad of smaller islands and the Andes mountain chain in the distance. Show More
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