Explore Japan with private guides
and a tailor-made itinerary.

Explore Japan with private guides and a tailor-made itinerary.

Kensington Tours is an award winning tour company offering custom private guided tours.

  • Your own private guide & vehicle
  • An itinerary tailor-made for you by Japan Specialists
  • Extraordinary experiences, carefully-vetted hotels & ryokans, hidden gems
  • 24/7 in-country support

Choose which tour you’d like to customize at unbeatable value:

Japan Discovery

Tokyo, Kyoto

Experience Japan’s remarkable blend of tradition and innovation, transitioning from centuries-old temples to ultramodern skyscrapers in the blink of an eye. With a private guide, discover the imperial city of Toyko, the ancient marvels of Kyoto, and venture out into the shadow of the historically shy Mt. Fuji.

8 days from $6,616 per person*

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Japan: City Lights & Sacred Sites

Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Koya, Osaka

Explore Japan's sleek modern cities together with its wealth of sacred and spiritual sites as you tour Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Kōya and Osaka. Visit ancient shrines and temples, spend the night in a hilltop Buddhist monastery, meet the giant Daibutsu Buddha, and more.

8 days from $6,032 pp

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Japan Highlights

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto

Explore Japan’s ancient roots and modern wonders on a thrilling journey through its history and culture. Stroll in the shadow of Mount Fuji, visit ancient Buddhist temples, get swept up in the dazzling culture of Tokyo’s pop-culture scene, and more.

8 days from $8,488 per person*

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Japan's Fall Foliage

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka

Discover the magnificent beauty of Japan’s natural landscape in autumn, as the leaves turn into a dazzling display of vivid reds, oranges and golds. With a private guide, experience the contrasts of Tokyo’s imperial past with its futuristic present, revel in the ancient marvels of Kyoto, and soak in the vibrancy of modern Osaka, all cloaked in the colorful glory of autumn’s fall foliage.

9 days from $7,776 per person*

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Japan's Pop Culture, Anime & Art Scene

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka

Take a deep dive into the colorful pop culture of Japan. Visit Tokyo’s legendary street-culture scenes, tour the Ghibli Museum, tour ancient temples and shrines, study the ways of the ninja, and so much more.

10 days from $9,670 pp

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Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto

Embark on an elegant tour of Tokyo and Kyoto during one of Japan’s most popular natural traditions: Cherry blossom season. Visit ancient temples, bustling markets, and national parks, dine with a geisha, and much more.

8 days from $17,696 pp

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Pure Japan: Skyscrapers, Shrines & Snow Monkeys

Tokyo, Yudanaka, Hakone, Kyoto

Explore the many facets of Japanese culture on this engaging adventure through that visits Tokyo, Nagano, Kyoto, and more. Meet Japanese snow monkeys, train like a sumo wrestler, tour ancient temples and shrines, and much more.

12 days from $14,256 per person*

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China & Japan's Imperial Cities

Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kyoto

Explore the ancient sites and modern-day wonders of two of Asia’s most captivating cultures. Walk the Great Wall, meet the Terra-Cotta Warriors, discover the treasures of Shanghai and Tokyo, soak up Kyoto’s peaceful ambiance, and so much more.

12 days from $13,584 per person*

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Japanese Temples, Gardens & Art

Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Naoshima, Osaka

Discover the aesthetic pleasures of Japanese art and culture. Stroll through shrines, temples, and delicately manicured gardens in Tokyo and Kyoto, tour art museums and bamboo groves, unwind in Naoshima, and much more.

12 days from $19,560 pp

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Culinary Journey Through Japan

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto

Savor the full spectrum of Japanese cuisine at top restaurants, informal izakayas, and street-food stalls. Learn to make sushi from an expert chef, dine with a geisha, try the curious “black egg” and other local delicacies, and more in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

8 days from $14,360 per person*

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Japan Grand Journey with Okinawa

Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nago

The very best of Japan on a single incredible adventure. Explore bustling Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Okinawa with private guides, visit ancient temples and shrines, try your hand at traditional arts, and much, much more.

17 days from $14,484 pp

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Create your itinerary from scratch

Custom is our specialty.

Create your private tour from scratch

Custom itineraries are our specialty.

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