One of the best parts about traveling is the like-minded friends you make along the way. Through partnerships with The Explorers Club, ME to WE, Nekton, and JAZZ.FM91, Kensington Tours is helping to transform our passion for authentic travel experiences into new opportunities for exploration, discovery, and understanding.

The Explorers Club

The world’s most prestigious society of explorers, scientists, and adventurers, The Explorers Club and its members have dedicated themselves to the tireless pursuit of new frontiers for over 100 years. Through their expeditions, the Club’s members have pushed the boundaries of human discovery to the world’s tallest peaks, its deepest depths, its farthest reaches, and to the stars themselves. Kensington Tours is proud to further The Explorer’s Club’s commitment to science, discovery, and authentic travel.

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For a travel company like Kensington Tours, Earth is as much our office as it is our home and playground. We believe we have a responsibility to understand and protect our planet, and that responsibility extends to the vast uncharted depths beneath the waves, too. That’s why we’ve partnered with Nekton, one of the leading names in deep-sea exploration, to help explore and preserve our planet’s greatest resource. We are proud to serve as a launch partner for Nekton’s upcoming missions into the Indian Ocean and beyond. Through knowledge and discovery, a better world for everyone is possible.

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JAZZ.FM91 is Canada’s only broadcaster and registered not-for-profit charitable arts organization. Passionate about enriching the cultural, educational, and community experience of their audience, they reach listeners through a commitment to educating and mentoring youth to instill a passion for musical arts. Kensington Tours is thrilled to work with JAZZ.FM91 to sponsor weekly commercial-free rides home from 5-7pm. Like us, Ross Porter and the talented team at JAZZ.FM91 are expert curators. Travel and music have the power to change lives.

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ME to WE

Like anything worth doing, what you get out of travel depends on what you put into it. That’s why Kensington Tours is proud to team up with ME to WE on a collection of trips that let you give back while taking it all in. Our suite of community-focused tours strikes the perfect balance between treating yourself to the time of your life and giving back to local communities to improve lives after you’ve come home. There’s an amazing world out there. Come make it a little better.

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